Favourite Family Photographs – The “Peepo”

Family Photoshoot Tips Hampshire

We thought we would share with you some of tips and tricks for getting some fun-loving, memorable pictures on our family photoshoot sessions. We won’t always do the same thing on every family photoshoot, but there are some benefits to knowing ‘what works’ and what doesn’t work!

One technique I have been using recently is the ‘peepo’ shot. This originally stemmed from observing how much my 18 month old daughter loves a good game of ‘peepo’ and I used it on a number of shots with similar aged babies. But, who can resist a good ‘peepo’ and it soon became clear that children of all ages, and adults alike, all love to play peepo. Try it when you are next out and about! (Or, book in a family portrait session with Worthy Photography and get us to do it!) 🙂

Family Photography Tips Hampshire _DSC6625 _DSC6884 _DSC9331


I can’t fail to smile when I see these pictures. And that’s the memory I want to last when our clients view these pictures in years to come. Smiles and Laughter.

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