Kings Worthy Wacky Races

Kings Worthy is host to an annual charity event known as Wacky Races. It is now in its seventh year, but this was the first year that James and I attended. Even still, we only managed to make the final 30 minutes of races, but we certainly enjoyed what we saw! We took the camera along and thought we would like to share some of our pictures from the day.

This year had a record 70 competitors all designing their own four-wheelers that are powered by the forces of gravity. The event is in aid of Winchester based charity A Better Life and is held at the Bull Farm Estate in Kings Worthy opposite the King Charles Pub. This year’s proceeds will go to Piam Brown Ward at Southampton General hospital. A very worthy cause we can all agree.

The array of carts were very impressive and we enjoyed watching the fearless drivers go down the hill at top speeds.

We hope enjoy the photos – and if you would like to receive any at full res and non-watermarked, just contact me using the contact form

And a note to the event organisers, fancy having an event photographer next year ? 😉

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Amy x

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