Favourite Family Photographs – “The Close Up”

On a family photoshoot, despite the larking around, we still make sure we get some photos of the family together, showing the close bond that develops between parents and their children. These are one of our favourite family photographs.

Sometimes, these are taken at the very beginning of a family photoshoot, before children have started running off and getting distracted. Sometimes, the close shots are taken at the end of the family photoshoot, when energy is starting to wane a little. Either way, we can get some great results.

I love looking at these pictures as I think they really show off the closeness of our Worthy Photography families. The art is in trying to get their heads as close together as you can for the photograph. This minimises the space between each person and gives the photograph a very close and loving feel. This is, in part, one of the reasons why the selfie is so popular. It gets people close to one another (to squeeze into a small mobile phone screen!)

_DSC6385 Family PHotography WinchesterFamily Photography HampshireColvin_Photoshoot-005 Mottisfont Family Photoshoot

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