Meet Baby Harry – 8 days old!

Remember the day you brought your first baby home ? Not surprisingly, it was probably full of emotion, joy, worry and (for the mum at least) a sense that would her body ever feel the same again!? Amy was invited over to take photographs of baby Harry at 8 days old in Kings Worthy, Hampshire on Saturday and shares her thoughts..


I had the pleasure of catching up with Sarah and Adem on Saturday and meeting Baby Harry. At just 8 days old, baby Harry was adorable, and absolutely tiny!! He made our 5 month old seem enormous!


You realise just how quickly babies grow in the first few months.


I’d popped over to their house just three weeks previously to take some pictures of Sarah and Adem, and ‘the bump’, and it was great to be back so soon to meet the bump-turned-baby.


I turned up on a cold, dreary, rainy Saturday morning – seriously miserable weather – and met a sleeping Baby Harry.


So precious.


The Baby Chat 


He soon woke up and needed a feed, so I sat down with a cup of tea and we chatted-  there are so many things to to talk about with a newborn.


The birth



Meeting the Grandparents



More Poo


It’s just incredible how such a tiny thing can take up so much space and energy! It took me right back to 5 months ago and bringing our baby Lucas back home.


Their living room was filled with cards and flowers from well-wishers – I just love a mantlepiece full of cards – it’s often the first place I start with some pictures to get the settings of the camera just right for the light of the room.


Harry was a very alert little thing and stayed awake for most of the shoot. It was a great chance to get some pictures of his teeny tiny eyes. He then fell asleep and we had some pictures of him having a baby snooze.


I also love baby feet.


I spent quite a while taking pictures of his feet – perhaps a few too many – but they’re just soooo tiny I couldn’t resist!


Here are a few of my favourites from the shoot.


If you are pregnant and thinking ahead to capturing those exciting first few days with your newborn, get in touch and let’s have a chat about baby photography!




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