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I recently did a set of professional profile photographs for James. He is the CEO and Founder of a very interesting tech-start up called RISE, which is setting up to provide an exclusive fitness and well-being partner network for workplaces. They sell their network and solution to large employers, who want their employees to have easy and convenient access to classes and sessions to improve their well-being. It sounds like a brilliant venture and one that I am sure will have lots of success and interest, with some very big players on board already.

We spent a short time in Winchester taking different pictures, compositions and styles of picture. James wanted to look professional, yet friendly.

My corporate headshot package includes access to all of the digital images that I Have edited. I provided James with about 50 different images, both in black and white, and colour. I strongly believe that it is not for me to decide which picture conveys your personality. Everyone has different ideas. That is natural. I love being able to share lots of different photographs and then letting the client choose ‘the one.’

Professional Profile Photographs

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