Twins!!! Family Photography

On Saturday we met up for a family photoshoot with this lovely family and their beautiful, fun-loving 21 month old twins, Teddy and Cicely. There’s something so special about photgraphing twins, the interaction between them even at this young age is amazing. We visited the wonderful garden of a neighbour’s garden in Crawley Village in Hampshire. Patricia proudly showed us around her amazingly well-tended garden, lovely shrubs, neat allotment, wild flower garden, breezy paddock, fun tree-house, rustic swings – it had everything! Patricia is a key member of the Hampshire NGS scheme that offers open gardens so that other people can enjoy the efforts of these keen gardeners. We certainly thought this garden was very worthy of a photoshoot in itself!

Teddy and Cicely are such fun together and certainly keep their parents on their toes. They love exploring, running, cuddling and getting into mischief. It is lovely to imagine the relationship these two will have as they grow up together – Cicely The Explorer and Teddy The Thoughtful.

Thank you so much for the photos, they are totally amazing! We really enjoyed the morning with you, we will share our photos far and wide and publicise your services! You have a very natural style and reflect us in our normal play with the twins. Before the shoot, Andy was not keen to be ‘prancing about and posing’ but as there absolutely none of that he actually really enjoyed the session!

Sam, Crawley

We hope you enjoy these photos of this lovely family at such a fun time in their lives. The long grass in the paddock at the back is definitely a winner for us!

To book a family photoshoot remember to contact us to check availability and book a date!

Colvin_Photoshoot-001 Colvin_Photoshoot-015 Colvin_Photoshoot-002 Colvin_Photoshoot-005 Colvin_Photoshoot-015 Colvin_Photoshoot-031 Colvin_Photoshoot-043 Colvin_Photoshoot-050 Colvin_Photoshoot-055 Colvin_Photoshoot-063

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