Autumn Photoshoot

I love Autumn. The colours are beautiful and if you catch at just the right time, the pictures are amazing!

Yesterday I met Naomi and Nicola. These girls have been best friends for years and years, and they have two beautiful boys who are growing up to explore and adventure together too. We met at Elstead in Surrey and went for a beautiful walk in the countryside and in Thursley Common Nature Reserve. After a brief woodland wander, we emerged into open terrain, carpeted in heather. There is such a sense of wilderness here that it’s easy to imagine yourself in Scotland rather than just an hour from London. In 2012, a raised wooden boardwalk was built across the marshland from the Moat towards Pudmore Pond. We wandered along the boardwalk and it was a perfect backdrop for some beautiful pictures. We donned our wellies and enjoyed walking through the scenic nature reserve. We then followed this up with Lunch in Frensham at The Holly Bush.

Please get in touch if you’d like an Autumn Photoshoot as there are not very many weekends left with these amazing colours!


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