Bump to Baby Photoshoot – Baby Olivia (3 Weeks Old)

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going back to visit Suzi and Jamie and meet their new arrival, Baby Olivia. It felt very special to photograph all three of them, as just three weeks previously I had met them for a ‘bump shoot‘ when Suzi was 37 weeks pregnant. Hence the expression “Bump to Baby Photoshoot”

It was great to see how they were getting on as new parents, and to share in the excitement and bewilderment of a newborn. Olivia was as good as gold throughout and alternated between sleep-awake-sleep-awake throughout, so we were able to try lots of different shots with her. We made our way around the house, taking pictures ‘on location.’ We started in her beautiful nursery and had a great time. Please enjoy a selection of the photographs below, and contact us for a ‘bump to baby’ shoot !

I love these photographs as they show Suzi and Jamie at home with their daughter, doing what they would normally do. I hope these photographs will be looked at for years to come, as a very special memory of a crazy, baffling, emotional, loving time of their lives.

Bump to Baby Photoshoot

Get in touch if you are pregnant and are interested in a Bump to Baby Photoshoot. There is something really cool for me about seeing a couple pre and post baby, and it feels like I’m on the journey with you! That makes the shoot with baby even easier as we’ll already be relaxed together, and you will know what to expect on the day!  What I love in particular is being able to do pre and post photographs, where a baby magically appears in the post photograph!

Bump to Baby Photoshoot Collage 2 Collage 3 Collage 4 cOLLAGE 5 Collage 6 Collage 7 Collage 8 Collage 9

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