Anita & Mike – Eastleigh Baptist Church / Crosfield Hall, Romsey

Here are a few photographs from Anita and Mike’s wedding last week. I met Anita and her five bridesmaids getting ready at her parents’ house in Eastleigh. We had a lovely time preparing for the wedding and getting excited before the big event. We then took a stroll over to the Pirelli Park, where there was an impressive metal sculpture of a Pirelli tyre, which made the perfect framing for some groups photographs. Anita told me that the estate was built on the site of the former Pirelli cable works which had been a major employer of the area.

I then walked over to the church, the Eastleigh Baptist Church, where groom Mike was greeting guests and getting ready. The church was packed to the rafters with all of their friends and family. Anita arrived, and was accompanied down the aisle by her father to the sounds of ‘Married Life’ from the film¬†Up.¬†The ceremony was lovely and I enjoyed the enthusiastic singing and the live church band.

After the wedding ceremony, everyone filtered out onto the front steps of the church and Anita and Mike greeted as many people as they could.

We then went across to Romsey Abbey for some group photographs. Anita had chosen the abbey as a beautiful, picturesque setting for her photographs, and she wasn’t wrong! The backdrop of the abbey made a fantastic look for some of their photographs. The abbey was originally built during the 10th Centory, so it’s amazingly old! The brickwork makes for brilliant backdrop to photographs, I was in my element! It was a hot day so we chose a shady spot around the front of the abbey.

After the group photographs, we ventured across to Crosfield Hall in Romsey. It is a sizable hall with plenty of space for all of their family and friends. The meal was served, and speeches soon followed. After cake and mingling, we were onto the first dance, a track from Nat King Cole.

All in all, a lovely day – please enjoy a snippet of some of the photographs from the day!DSC_5655 DSC_5667 DSC_5688 DSC_5691 DSC_5754 DSC_5774 DSC_5784 DSC_5794 DSC_5797 DSC_5829 DSC_5841 DSC_5853 DSC_5868 _DSC8006 _DSC8017 _DSC8159 _DSC8241 _DSC8258 _DSC8299 _DSC8309 _DSC8315 DSC_6268 _DSC8343 _DSC8358 DSC_6316 DSC_6325 DSC_6361 DSC_6365 DSC_6392 DSC_6427 DSC_6483 DSC_6539 _DSC8525 _DSC8543 DSC_6682 DSC_6802 _DSC8709

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