Winchester Guildhall Wedding : Sam and Nick 29th July 2016

Sam and Nick got married in a Winchester Guildhall Wedding on 29th July 2016. They’d booked me to take photographs of Sam getting ready at her sister’s house beforehand, so I arrived and got to the know the family beforehand. (Including a massive faux pas when I arrived that I shan’t share on the blog, but let it be known that I am very sorry! 🙂 )

Sam was getting ready with her sisters, and her nieces. The house was beautiful, with a large hallway and impressive mirror for some lovely photographs. I got a sneak preview of the large marquee that the wedding reception would take place in. It looked amazing. The scene was set!

Once everyone was ready, we travelled in convoy into Winchester. I had a friendly chat with my travel companions, the bride’s mum and her friend, in the car with me to Winchester.

We arrived at the Winchester Guildhall in plenty of time. Nick the groom was greeting all of the guests, and passers by were admiring the wedding party from afar.

Sam arrived, and the wedding ceremony commenced! The registrars were really lovely and the ceremony went really well. Apart from when Sam the Bride’s phone went off at exactly 1.30pm (was it a reminder perhaps? Don’t forget to married now!) when the ceremony was just beginning!

Everyone then enjoyed a glass of fizz at the Guildhall before we headed out to the Abbey Gardens behind the Guildhall for a few group photographs. I then took Sam and Nick off for a few bride and groom pictures after the ceremony of them together. We went for a little stroll around the back of the cathedral where it was nice and quiet.

Then everyone drove back to the house and the wonderful marquee set up in the garden of Sam’s sister’s house. We enjoyed drinks, games and chatting.

The food was served, and after several emotional speeches (plus an extremely amusing speech from the father of the bride – I have never heard ‘the rhythm method’ being mentioned in a speech before!) the evening began, with a lovely dance (Ellie Goulding song for first dance I believe!) surrounded by their family and friends.

As the sun was getting lower in the sky we grabbed a quick chance at some lovely, romantic bride and groom photographs out in the garden while everyone else was inside.

Thank you for booking me Sam and Nick, and congratulations for your wedding!

Amy x

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  1. Thank you Amy for amazing pictures of our wedding day. We will certainly recommend you for special occasion photographs

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