Wedding at Winchester Hotel & Spa : Claire & Don

On Saturday 30th July I had the pleasure of taking photographs at the wedding of Claire & Don. I’d met them a couple of weeks earlier and got to know them a little bit and very quickly took a liking to their fun loving ways.

Now, just before the big day, Don had called me up to inform me that he had a big surprise planned for Claire on the day itself. He had booked a gorgeous horse and carriage to collect them once they were married, to take them on a tour of Winchester city. Not only that, but he’d booked a green double decker bus to transport their guests around Winchester too! He was hoping the guests would appreciate a quick tour of Winchester as many of them are from outside the city. I thought this was a brilliant idea, and I planned my route accordingly around Winchester so I could capture their journey on camera.

Anyway, back to the day itself!

I met Claire, her mum, her best friend, and Don’s two beautiful daughters in the hotel room where they were getting ready. Claire looked gorgeous, and I was there while her make-up was done and while she was getting ready. Downstairs, Don was nervously greeting all of the guests in the bar. A double whisky was on the menu! Once Claire was ready and the registrar interviews took place, everyone was ready to go!

I’d been warned by everyone, and Don himself, that Don was quite an emotional chap, and you could see the emotions running right through him as he watched Claire walk down the aisle with her mum. It was a tearful moment for many people! Following a heartfelt ceremony, Claire and Don were married, and they walked out to the front of the hotel. Claire was over the moon to see a fantastic horse and carriage awaiting her!

The couple set off, followed by the green double decker bus. I managed to get down to the King Alfred Statue ahead of them to get some photographs down there. We then headed up quickly to the Peninsula Barracks for a few photographs before heading back to the Winchester Spa and Hotel for some fizz.

Once dinner was finished, there were a number of speeches, including an emotional speech and thankyou from two Gurkha families that had attended the day (Don used to be in the Gurkha Regiment I believe)

Then it was first dance time, and Claire and Don took to the floor to a Genesis song (which one was it?) and were soon joined on the dancefloor by their family and friends. All in all a lovely day.

Venue: Winchester Spa & Hotel

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