A Photoshoot in Crawley Village

I met the Baker family at their lovely home in Crawley for a relaxed family Photoshoot in Crawley Village the other Sunday. After several rescheduling over the summer due to holidays, footballs clubs and weddings we finally got together and took some natural photographs!

This was a lovely shoot in particular as there was a lovely, amicable puppy who took a leading role in this shoot. I definitely had to put the shutter speed on FAST to capture this little lad!

Please enjoy some of the photographs below…

_DSC0040 Photoshoot in Crawley Village _DSC0090 _DSC0095 _DSC0141 _DSC0176 _DSC0196 _DSC0220 _DSC0251 _DSC9946 _DSC9948 _DSC9951 _DSC9979 DSC_0561

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