Olivia’s Christening – St Nicolas Church, Stoneham

On Sunday I took photographs for the christening of Olivia Cork at St Nicolas’ Church, Stoneham, which is just outside Southampton. It was a lovely family day, and I particularly enjoyed it as I had previously taken photographs of mummy Suzi when Olivia was just a bump, and also when she was just a few weeks old. She is now 7 months old and little beauty. I met the family at St Nicolas’ Church, which is a 15th Century church tucked away near Chilworth. I found out afterwards that the church is famed for its 17th Century ‘one hand clock’ which I wished I’d known about beforehand so I could get a picture 🙂

We had a lovely christening ceremony where Olivia was as good as gold and didn’t even flinch when she received the ceremonial water over her head in the presence of her parents and godparents.

We followed with some group family photographs outside the church. Everyone then made their way back to Olivia’s house, where there was a BBQ. Several children enjoyed running around in the large grounds surrounding the houses. The food looked yummy and everyone enjoyed lots of cuddles with Olivia.

Congratulations Olivia!

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