Winchester Wedding : Alice and Tim

Alice and Tim got married on Saturday 28th August and hired me as their wedding photographer. I met Alice in the morning at her house, where she was getting married with her daughters, parents and friends. It was great to see how excited the little girls were about being bridesmaids. I then popped over to The Ship Inn in the village, when groom Tim was meeting and greeting their friends and family for a pre-wedding drink. He didn’t seem nervous at all!

I walked with Tim and his best man over to the church (loving the yellow trousers), and then met Alice at her house and walked with her and her family entourage to the church. It was very lovely to be in walking distance of the church, a rare treat. At the church, Alice walked down the aisle accompanied by her dad, and there was a lovely ceremony. The reading by the two little girls was made even more special because they’d learnt it by heart, an impressive feat!

After the ceremony we had photographs outside the church quickly, and a confetti line. Everyone then waved the new Mr and Mrs Bell off , and we then met for the reception at El Sabio restaurant. Everyone enjoyed drinks out on the terrace out the back of the restaurant, and then came inside for a buffet Spanish Tapas meal. There followed some speeches, and then the DJ arrived.

All in all, a really nice day, congratulations Tim and Alice!

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