Winchester Royal Hotel – a 60th Birthday Party

I was booked to take photographs of Jude’s 60th birthday party at the Winchester Royal Hotel on St Peter’s Street. I was delighted to oblige, particularly as Jude revealed that the venue was very special to the family as they had actually got married at the Winchester Royal Hotel 39 years previously. Impressive!

I arrived and took photographs of people enjoying the relaxed drinks reception in the garden restaurant. The family had laid out photographs from the wedding 39 years ago, which was a lovely touch. There were also plenty of photographs dotted around to help people reminisce about times gone by, and admire the 70s fashions! We had some fun recreating a few of the photographs.

Food was prepared by the hotel and served, a lovely buffet with plentiful options, followed by two lovely cakes which had been made by friends of the family.

All in all it was a really nice day, and the family commented that, in the nicest possible way, they hadn’t really noticed my presence. This is my aim at family parties as it’s important to mingle, merge and take pictures of people just being themselves without worrying about a photographer.

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And here’s a quick Q&A with another satisfied Worthy Photography client!

How would you describe the style of these photos?

Informal sums it up, which is exactly how we wanted it. Accurately reflects the nature of the event.

Did you have any concerns about having a photographer before the event?

Some of course,  though the informal style you have sold it for me. On the day you couldn’t be faulted – friendly, unobtrusive, highly professional and the results speak for themselves.

Are there any you are not so keen on? What is it that you don’t like so much about this/these ones?

No really. Taken as a whole they provide an fully rounded coverage of the event.

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