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We were sent a creative brief to do the photography for Inbox Insight, for their Winchester team. They’d been really clear with their brief – in that they wanted a whole range of photographs to be used for headshots and promotional activities. Not only did people want to use these for their LinkedIn profiles, but also at a company level to show the teams at work. 

In the marketing industry it’s really important to be able to put a face to the brand, so that people who are working with Inbox Insight know a bit about the personality and the culture of the company. These photographs are also really useful to help contextualise what the company does – showing people at work. This can sometimes be challenging in industries where there is no physical product as such (not like photographing engineers at work in the lab for example). It’s important to show the dynamism and creativity at play in this work place.

We enjoyed meeting everyone at Inbox Insight over the two afternoon sessions we did. It was clear to see that people relaxed into the ‘shoot’ as time passed.


“Providing creative direction as well as blending in, is not an easy brief. James achieved this with minimal effort, making the team feel at ease, during a regular working day.  Our aim was to portray a fun, young relaxed atmosphere for our business. This is often easier to concept than to achieve. The true reflection on how well the company photos were received, is that the lead team would like them used for business cards and staff were requesting them before we made them officially available. A resounding success!”

Paul David , Marketing Manager, Inbox Insight


Get in touch if you are a local company and wanting to update your company image and headshots! 

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