Corporate Headshot Photography in Winchester

I was recently asked to do some Corporate Headshot Photography in Winchester. The mission was to take some headshots of Nicci and Si for their new website. They have set up a property development business called Robert Weston Ltd in Winchester and are busy with some fantastic looking development projects in the area. They were refreshing their website for a new, cleaner look which showcases their projects, and gives prospective clients and suppliers a glimpse of what they are all about.

I spent the morning with these two taking pictures at one of their recent projects, West End Terrace. I had serious kitchen envy and the space they have created is perfect for family living. Nicci and Si have chosen a couple of pictures to use on the ‘about us’ page of their website.

Get in touch if you need some Corporate headshot photography for any purpose!

Corporate Headshot Photography

We’d like to share 7 tips for perfect Corporate Headshot Photography

  1. Take lots of pictures ! Sounds obvious but by taking lots and lots of pictures it is possible to eliminate ones that don’t portray you in the way you wish.
  2. Find excellent lighting. The pictures need to be nicely lit, ideally with natural light. It is best to get the light on the face straight on, but from the side can also work well
  3. Get in close. Take pictures that frame the subject’s face fairly closely.
  4. Focus on the eyes. Eyes are the window into the soul, and make sure the subject’s eyes are well lit and visible.
  5. Work with your subject to make sure they are satisfied with the pictures. Show them how it is going, let them take the time to change outfit , hairstyle, etc as they sit fit.
  6. Provide lots of pictures – everyone is different and will have a vision for what they want to portray as the professional version of themselves. The photographer can present several options, but it is the client who should ultimately choose the final pictures.
  7. Have fun! It should be a fun session with lots of laughter and relaxing. This is critical to ensure a relaxed and happy subject who doesn’t look to stiff and formal.

Nicci and Si’s business is called Robert Weston LTD and the website can be found here :

Corporate Headshot Photography in Winchester


One thought on “Corporate Headshot Photography in Winchester

  1. Hello,

    I am looking for some help to take a business / professional photo of myself, head and shoulders for my LinkedIn profile. Without presuming to tell you how to do this, I am looking for some professional lighting and neutral background to present me in the best professional light. Would you be able to help me with this and advise me of the fees for such a photo. I am based in Winchester and can travel to your studio.

    Best wishes


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