Suzi at 37 Weeks – Pregnancy Photoshoot

Suzi got in touch recently to ask if I could do a Pregnancy Photoshoot in Southampton and I jumped at the chance. At 37 weeks pregnant, Suzi was looking radiant and the couple were all prepared for the birth of their little one. Suzi runs a successful enterprise as a health & nutrition coach and yoga instructor and we spent an enjoyable morning together. (You can see her website here :  On the day itself, we were a little uncertain about the weather (it was raining and windy) but given that we couldn’t easily reschedule to ‘next week’ in case the baby had arrived, we decided to go for it!

Due to the weather we did lots of photographs inside Suzi’s lovely home. Floor to ceiling windows throughout made this a very enjoyable shoot, as the lighting was perfect! It was fun making our way around the house thinking of different elements of the home to incorporate into the shoot.

We popped outside when we noticed the weather was not so rainy and did a few outdoor pictures too.

I hope you enjoy these pictures and remember to consider me if you would like a pregnancy photoshoot.

Maternity Photography Pregnancy Photoshoot in Southampton Pregnancy Photoshoot in Southampton Collage 4

Pregnancy Photoshoot Collage 6

Suzi Testimonial

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